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Private Hosting & Guiding

Although we specialize in food and golf experiences in our homebase of Hanoi, we are avid adventure travelers and offer 100% bespoke hosting, guiding, and tour services across the entirety of Vietnam. We have extensive knowledge of the local food and cultural differences around the country as we have traveled 60 of 63 provinces in Vietnam to date. 

​As a couple from different cultures and generations, we offer our own unique perspectives about what makes Vietnam so great to visit. Lylla loves to share the kindness and culture of her people with those who are unfamiliar with it, and Trevor enjoys pointing out the little things and different aspects of life  that makes Vietnam so fun to experience.


We both love Vietnam in our own ways. We'd be honored to be able to share them with you.

Why Choose Us?

  • We're a family owned, independent business. That means we can work 100% around your personal interests, needs, and time requirements.

  • We provide hosting & tours as a team, or we can split up, if your party has different interests.

  • We have a keen understanding of Western expectations and tastes. I'm Vietnamese, he's Canadian/American.

  • We're fluent in English & Vietnamese (some German too)

  • We understand the Vietnamese culture inside and out.

  • We know where to get the very best Vietnamese, Asian, and Western foods in Hanoi. 

  • We are extremely well traveled across Vietnam.

  • We have a wide range of interests from food, to golf, to motorcycle riding.

  • Kind, fun, adventure-loving couple that enjoys meeting new people. 

  • Affordable hourly, daily, or weekly rates.


Private Hosting

Private Hosting

Private Hosting

Motorcycle Hosting

**These northern Vietnam travel destinations are listed in order of uniqueness, value, and difficulty of visiting. We're also providing Pros and Cons for each site to help you plan your trip more efficiently.**


Ha Long Bay

World famous for its breathtaking beauty, it's no surprise to find out that Ha Long Bay is the most visited tourist site in Vietnam outside of Hanoi. It's also readily accessible to Hanoi being approximately a 3hr drive from the city center. Although overnight boat tours of the bay are available in multi-day packages, we suggest a simple one day-one night tour for those who are on a limited time schedule.  

Pros: Fairly close to Hanoi - Extremely unique scenery - Fairly priced - Good seafood

Cons: Can be VERY busy depending on time of year - Boats can be quite old and uncomfortable

Experienced Suggestions: Book a shorter trip that you think you need. Spend the extra money to get a newer boat with more modern comforts.

Famous Local Food: Pate Banh Mi sandwiches, Seafood Bun Noodle Soup.

The amazing seascape of Ha Long Bay awaits you...

BOOKINGS: Day and multi-day trips to HLB are first come, first serve, and are subject to availability. To inquire about a private trip for yourself and your group, click HERE, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.


Ninh Binh

The best way to explain Ninh Binh (ning-bing) is, it's the land version of Ha Long Bay. The landscape and mountain like terrain is very similar, but there is less water and the boats are smaller.  Boat tours take place on a river system that sits amongst beautiful landscape, including caves that you get to boat through. Hiking, bike riding and sight-seeing on land is also very popular. It's just a unique and beautiful place to visit!

Pros: It's very accessible being only 2hr to 3hr drive from Hanoi. Day-trips are possible - Unique scenery - Lesser known, more things to see, and more affordable than HLB.

Cons: Can be very hot during summer months - Can be somewhat crowded in shoulder seasons.

Experienced Suggestions: Bring sunscreen and hat, tour Bai Dinh and Bich Dong Pagodas around your boat tour.

Famous Local Food:

A relaxing boat ride amongst the incredible mountain terrain in Ninh Binh, Vietnam

BOOKINGS: Day and multi-day trips to Ninh Binh are first come, first serve, and are subject to availability. To inquire about a private trip for yourself and your group, click HERE, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.


Sa Pa

This somewhat difficult to visit location sits northwest of Hanoi and is "5 hours" on a map, but will take a full day by bus, train, or private car. The scenery and landscape in the Sa Pa region is stunning and is enjoyable most of the year. The village has a similar feel to Vail or Whistler, but from a 'developing country' standpoint. It also sits on-top of the mountains, rather than under them. Northern Vietnam has some of the most unique and beautiful scenery on the planet. 

Pros: Stunning landscape - Less expensive in off-season

Cons: Difficult to get to - Food in the village isn't great - can be cold and too foggy to see anything for days on end - Can be very busy with tourism at certain times 

Experienced Suggestions: Best time to go is in the fall when the rice fields are most colorful - Get a room with a view - Get out of the village for day trips down the mountain.

Famous Local Food: 

Stunning landscape terraces in beautiful Sa Pa, Vietnam

BOOKINGS: Day and multi-day trips to Sa Pa are first come, first serve, and are subject to availability. To inquire about a private trip for yourself and your group, click HERE, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.


Ha Giang & Lung Cu