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Can't Miss Food & Drinks in Hanoi, Vietnam

**These foods are purposefully geared towards and are ranked by western tastes.** 



#1 Bun Cha

(Grilled Pork Meatballs & Noodles w/ Sweet Broth)

#2 Pho Bo

(Beef Noodle Soup) 

#3 Pho Ga & Pho Ga Tron

(Chicken Noodle Soup served wet or dry)

#4 Nem Rolls

(Deep fried pork 

& vegetable rolls)

#5 Pho Cuon

(Suateed sliced beef rolled in Pho Rice blankets)

#6 Banh Mi

(Vietnamese Sandwich)

#7 Banh Cuon

(Mushroom & Pork Rice Rolls)

#8 Fresh Spring Rolls 

(Fresh pork, shrimp, noodles & veggies wrapped in rice paper)

#9 Xoi Xeo

(Sticky Rice with sliced mung bean and various toppings)

#10 Cha Ca

(Catfish pan fried in turmeric & dill)

#1 Flan

#2 Coconut Ice Cream

#3 Sticky Yogurt

#4 Che (sweet soup)

#5 Ice Cream - Trang Tien 

Che Sweet Soup Dessert Hanoi Vietnam

'Che' a.k.a. Sweet Soup


Coconut Coffee Hanoi Vietnam

Coconut Coffee

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