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Hanoi Street Food Tours

Hanoi's Food Scene 

Hanoi is the cultural food capital of Vietnam, and is recognized as one of the most incredible destinations in the world to eat.  There are few cities on the planet where both the food and setting are as equally spectacular. It's truly like stepping back into a previous generation.  Many of Vietnam's most famous foods were created within this small area dozens to hundreds of years ago.


CAV tours showcase Hanoi specialties, served by street food masters that have been perfecting their recipes here in the Old Quarter, over decades & generations. Few travelers get the opportunity to sit down with the locals and enjoy authentic Hanoian cuisine. We’ll visit my very favorite 'boutique' street vendors at some of the most vibrant street food scenes in all of Vietnam.  We can't wait for you to fill your yummy-face with us!!  

Hanoi - The #1 food destination on the Planet for 2024!



Guide: Ovia will guide you to my very FAVORITE street food spots in Hanoi's famous Old Quarter.  

Group Size:  Limited to 6 curious foodies / Contact Us for larger groups

Tour Type:  Walking Tour 

Tour Length & Start Time:  Length - 3hrs / Start times 8:30am & 4:00pm

Food Details:  Specializing in Hanoi cuisine (foods, desserts & drinks). We'll hit approximately 8-9 of Lylla's favorite vendors.

**If you or anyone in your group have any special dietary requirements,

we highly suggest booking a private tour (see below)** 

Pricing - all rates are in USD (payable in VND)

  • 1 Person - $55

  • 2 or more people - $45/each

  • Pricing includes all food & drink costs, and a welcome gift / All stops are walking distance inside the Old Quarter


Hanoi's Best Food Tour Guide_edited_edit
**ALL GROUP TOURS are now being lead by my associate 'Ovia'.
I am focusing on Private Tours & creating content**
Meet Ms. OVIA - My Wing Girl!
She was born and raised in Vietnam. 
She is young, fun, smart, enthusiastic, and speaks perfect English.

(She also adores frog's :)


Private Tour Perks: Book a longer,  more exclusive eating experience, with myself (Lylla), or my amazing English speaking associate - 'Ovia'. Private tours receive priority booking and customers are able to make specific food requests. I can also build a tour around on your specific food needs, including avoidances and allergies.

Group Size:  Unlimited

Tour Type:  Walking Tour (special arrangements can be made if you prefer to travel by vehicle)

Tour Length & Start Time:  Length 3.5-4hrs / Choice of 8:30am or 4:00pm start time

Food Details:  Specializing in Hanoi cuisine (foods, desserts & drinks). We'll hit approximately 10-12 of Lylla's favorite vendors.

Guides & Pricing:

  • Ovia: 1st Guest - $125  USD / Each Additional Guest - $50 USD (payable in VND)

  • Lylla: 1st Guest - $200 USD / Each Additional Guest - $50 USD  (if available - inquire HERE)

  • Pricing is in USD & includes all food & drink costs, and a welcome gift / All stops are walking distance inside the Old Quarter




I had an amazing food tour with the lovely Lylla! She really listens to your dietary needs, allergies and sets up a personalized food tour just for you. She knows all the hidden gems in Hanoi/Vietnam and I would recommend everyone to visit her when they are in Vietnam

Supriya - Netherlands

"Lylla and Ovia were amazing hosts, bringing us to places that we would not have managed to order for ourselves. They are respectful and friendly to older food hawkers, supporting them and keeping food culture authentic in Vietnam. Because of Lylla's relationships with the hawkers, they were accommodating to us and that allowed us to try unique and delicious foods. They are genuine, ethical and endearing to customers and vendors, and they taught us how to be respectful to them also."

Shurui - Singapore


Lylla is an exceptional food tour guide and an even better human.

I had brought mum back to visit Vietnam, she's older and has trouble walking sometimes when her knees play up. I made note of this prior to our tour and Lylla was both understanding and accommodating. She ensured to keep to a pace that mum was comfortable with, held her and walked with her all the way through. The food she introduced us to was also fantastic, everything we tried was amazing and you can just tell she is passionate about what she does in sharing/educating others about Vietnamese culture and food in Hanoi.

This was definitely one of the highlights of our trip, by far the best food tour I've ever done and I'm grateful to have made a new friend in Lylla.

William - Australia

Eat-venture Hanoi On Your Own!

If you enjoy my content and plan on visiting Hanoi while I am away, or just like to do things on your own, please consider purchasing one of my Food Maps! :) 

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