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Top 5 Reasons to Visit Vietnam in 2023

These are my honest opinions after spending nearly 2 years in Vietnam to date.

They are in no particular order as readers have individual needs.

  • It's a Foodie Paradise - From the fabulous street food to international fine dining restaurants, Vietnam has an incredible range of eating options, and some of the most 'healthy' local foods of any culture. Their staples are also mostly comprised of rice, rice noodles, barbecued pork, beef and chicken. So you won't have to eat Yak, or Goat, or anything unusual like that for the duration of your visit. If you're into trying exotic foods, you can find that here too.  


        **Fun Fact - Goat is actually the most widely consumed               animal on the planet.


Perfect Pho Breakfast Setup in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Perfect Breakfast Pho Setup in Hanoi

Vietnam Safe?


  • It's Extremely Safe & Polite - Most westerners have a totally backwards view about the safety of Vietnam, and S.E. Asia in general. In the west, it's normal to associate 'poor' with 'crime'. True or not, I've found it difficult to untie myself from that belief when I first arrived in Vietnam. This place just isn't what you've been told that it is. The culture of the Vietnamese is extremely intact, clings to its traditional beliefs, family values and heritage. Due to family and cultural pressure, all types of crime are extremely low. Finally, there aren't any 'no go zones' in Vietnam. You can feel 100% safe in any neighborhood, day or night, country wide. I know I can't say that about where I am from.

  • Vietnam may seem hectic and rushed, but that's only skin deep. The people are extremely patient, polite, and eager to help you if needed, or to offer genuine pleasant service to you if you are a guest or customer. 


  • It's Unbelievably CHEAP! - After getting here, it's ridiculously inexpensive to be a tourist. A good clean hotel will only set you back $20-$30/night. Even less can be spent if you're on a tighter budget. Two people can eat street food for under $20/day, and you can find low-cost transportation costs to visit the must-see sites in any city in Vietnam. Traveling inside the country is inexpensive as well. Buses, trains, and flights are a fraction of the cost that they are in Western countries. A flight from Saigon to Hanoi can cost as little as $50 if you book a week or two in advance. 


Typical Mid-range $30-50 Hotel Room in Vietnam

If your budget isn't an issue, the country can be traveled first class with private shuttles, helicopter tours, 5 star hotels, and high-end restaurants. There's just about something for every type of traveler that chooses to visit Vietnam.

Daily street scene in saigon vietnam
  • Its ENERGY - One of the things I love so much about Vietnam is its energy. Every time you step out your hotel door, you will be shocked by the sheer number of people who are out of their homes, doing whatever it is that interests them, or keeps them alive. Whether that be an early aerobics class outside in the park, playing Chinese Chess, running a business, or simply just enjoying being outside with friends watching the day go by, it's incredibly ALIVE with the energy of its people. Its incredible and invigorating to experience. Coming from the west where people like to shut themselves inside and plug into the internet, it's refreshing to see a culture that is so passionate about living life.​

Every Day Street Scene in Vietnam

  • It's Beautiful - Vietnam has some of the most amazing and diverse landscapes on the planet, and most of them you can visit fairly easily and inexpensively. Just a couple of hours drive/shuttle from Vietnam's capital city of Hanoi, you can visit two UNESCO World Heritage sites. A few more hours, and you can be in the midst of some of the worlds more photographed terraced rice fields in the world, or in the northern provinces, considered to be one of the premier motorcycle riding areas on the planet, due to its majestic mountain terrain. In Southern half of the country, you can explore the floating markets of the Mekong River Delta, the pristine tropical beaches of Phu Quoc Island, and the red sand dunes of Mui Ne, to name a few. Travelers looking to visit the best geographical landmarks in Veitnam are advised to do that from Hanoi.

A massive underground chamber and lake in Son Doong Cave in southern Vietnam.

The World's Largest Cave - Son Doong Cave

**Fun Fact: Vietnam is home to the worlds largest cave. It was only discovered in 1991, and was just explored initially in 2009.


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