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**I have personally eaten at EVERY map location. Each recommendation has been YummyFace approved for taste, authenticity, food quality, and hospitality. I have NOT been paid to promote any of these spots**


Let us take you on an incredible culinary street food journey

in the city that has just recently been awarded

'The Worlds BEST Food Destination'.

We provide 'boutique' small group & private, street food experiences with a focus on Hanoi & Northern Vietnam food specialties. We'll eat, drink & dessert alongside Old Quarter locals, at restaurants that have been honing their craft  

over decades, and sometimes even generations.

Myself and my delightful associate Ovia, were both born & raised in Vietnam, and speak very good English. We'll share insight into local life, customs and culture, while keeping you comfortable, both physically and mentally.

Slurpin on Hanoi's Famous Lemon Tea!

Recent Food Tour Reviews

My friends and I have visited Hanoi/Vietnam several times before, so we requested Lylla to bring us to more unique and lesser known local spots. Lylla and Ovia are extremely friendly and we had such great conversations with them about food, local culture and life in general. As huge foodies/people who love cooking, this was definitely a highlight of our trip! :)
- Tiffany (Singapore)
We did a walking food tour through Hanoi Old Quarter with the lovely Ovia. This was the highlight of our trip to Hanoi. We ate delicious food, and learned so much about the local culture and also got to know our smart and funny host Ovia. I cannot recommend Curious About Vietnam, more highly.
 - Natalie  (Australia)

Why Choose Us?

  • Your guides - Lylla & Ovia, were both born and raised in Vietnam, BUT - speak very good English.

  • We offer exclusive private tours and small group 'boutique' experiences, limited to only 6 guests.

  • Our private tours can be customized to your dietary requirements. (Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Allergies, etc...)

  • Our tours focus on Hanoi & Northern Vietnamese cuisine. 

  • We'll avoid 'tourist' foods, and restaurants. Instead you'll eat foods you've likely never heard of, alongside Hanoi locals.

  • We understand how visually intimidating Vietnam can be. So, we'll only visit reputable vendors that I trust. 

  • Our tours focus around unique food, local customs & culture, and mental comfort.  

  • We are a small, proud 'woman owned & operated', business.